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Apartment house Milka Njivice

About house Milka

This family house is situated in a quiet part of place Njivice.

Apartments on the second floor has a view to the sea, while apartment on the ground floor has a large garden.

Every apartment has its own parking place and there is a fireplace with wood which is free for the guest of the house.

Distance from the beach is 500 m and the distance from the center, shops and restaurants is 800 m. Bakery is located 300 m from the house.

The apartments are ideal for families with small children and couples.

The house has standard apartments for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people. The apartments for 4+1 people and 2+1 on the 2nd floor have view to the sea.

Apartment for 5+1 people with 2 bathrooms and 2 terraces on the groundfloor have view to the nice garden.

Apartment features

  • TV+SAT
  • Quiet neighborhood
  • No traffic
  • Big terraces
  • Very nice garden
  • View to the sea
  • A fire place for barbecue

500 m


800 m


800 m


800 m


400 m


9000 m





Apartment capacity

  1. AP 5+1, 2 bedrooms, ground floor, 5+1 persons
  2. AP 4, 2 bedrooms, second floor, 4 persons
  3. AP 2, 1 bedroom, second floor, 2+1 persons

Apartment photos