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Apartmani Totić Njivice

O kući Totić

The house is situated in the same street like House Idjanovic and Ivankovic so the configuration of the terrain, vegetation and neighborhood are the same.

The house is also 2 years old but it is bigger and the apartments are made in different manner. There are 3 apartments for 3+1 people and 2 apartments for 2 people with supplement bed for 2 people and one big apartment on the top for 5-6 peoples.

Every apartment has a terrace and the apartment at the top for the 5-6 peoples has a terrace with view to the sea.

Every apartment has an air conditioner and a TV. Of course there is a parking place and since the house is the last in the street, by the wood, there is enough room for children to play different games.

Karakteristike apartmana

  • Quiet neighborhood
  • A fire place
  • Own parking place
  • A wood by the house
  • No traffic

300 m


250 m


250 m


250 m


200 m


9000 m





Kapacitet apartmana

  1. AP 2, 1 bedroom, ground floor, 2+2 persons
  2. AP 2, 1 bedroom, first  floor, 2+2 persons
  3. AP 2, 1 bedroom, first floor, 2+2 persons
  4. AP 2, 1 bedroom, first  floor, 2+2 persons
  5. AP 2, 1 bedroom, first  floor, 2+2 persons
  6. AP 2, 2 bedrooms, second floor, 4+2 persons

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