Njivice Tours

Terms of agreement

Herby the agency NJIVICE TOURS (in further text the agency), specifies the terms of agreement for the reservation of accomodation or other services offered by the agency. The agency retains the right to change this terms at any time without precedent announcement. New terms applies from the day of publication, but for the confirmed reservation will apply the terms which were valid on the day of confirmation.
Inquires and booking of accommodation or other services can be done electronically at the web page http://www.njivice-tours.hr by the contact email, letter, fax or in the agency’s office.

By confirming the booking details the customer as the first named person on the booking (the party leader) confirms that he is familiar with these terms & conditions and that he accepts them in their entirety. Basic customer’s obligations are:
  • to produce upon arrival valid documents for registration for each person in party (passport or ID)
  • to obey customs regulations and other regulations of the Republic Croatia
  • to obey house rules (Rules for Residents) and to have good relations in good will with the host and the agency
  • the customer is obliged to check if he needs visa to enter in Croatia
  • by confirming the reservation the customer accepts to pay for all damages caused directly to the host.
The guest (customer) is liable for costs caused by disregarding these terms.
Apartment, room, car or any other service offered by the agency shall be booked after the guest has payed the advance and the agency has sent the confirmation letter via e-mail, fax or post. (Voucher).

The guest shall make reservation without advance payment only by consent of director of the agency. (Primarly for the guests who already used the agency’s services).
When booking the customer is required to pay in advance a non-refundable deposit 30% or minor specified amount of the full rental costs while the balance must be paid at the first day of arrival.

The guest shall pay the costs for the money transfer.( Bank fee).
Upon payment of booking deposit the customer has booked specified apartment, room or other service. Exceptionally, because of the sudden cause or legitimate reason the booked apartment, room or service is not available, the Agency is obliged to find adequate substitution of same or even better quality.
Only those persons named at the time of booking and registration may use the property without prior agreement. Persons staying at the apartments are not allowed to bring in persons who are not guests of the apartment or room. The agency has the right to terminate the rental without prior notice and without refund or to make a special charge if the numbers are exceeded.
Accommodation units are described in accordance to the official categorization of the authorized institution, and based on onsite assessment of the accommodation prior to being published. Standards for accommodation and other services differ from country to country, and cannot be compared.
In the case that the guest is not able to come or use a service in specified period, the agency is unable to offer refunds. Exceptionally, director of the agency can reschedule the day of service only if the guest informs the agency in the proper way that he cannot use service because of the objective reason.
Should the guest not arrive at the booked accommodation unit before midnight on the arrival date, and does not inform the agency or the host, the reservation is considered to be cancelled, and therefore the cancellation costs will be paid out of advance. Should the real costs exceed the above stated costs, the agency reserves the right to charge the difference.

Should the guest find a replacement for the cancelled reservation, the agency will only charge the real costs caused by the replacement.
The agency is not responsible for the weather conditions, the cleanliness and temperature of the sea of destinations visited as well as all other similar situations and events not directly related to the quality of the reserved accommodation unit that can result in the dissatisfaction of the guest. If the guest confirms a “last minute reservation”, i.e. booking without the payment of the advance, than he accepts all the risks of this type of the journey. These journeys include the facts that cannot be influenced by the travel organizer.
The Croatian Court in Krk will have jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of these terms. The Croatian Law is applicable. In case of a need to interpret these Terms & Conditions the Croatian version shall prevail.
In Njivice, 1st May 2007.